A Hostage Burrito

A strange thing happened to me today.  I got up extra early because the dog insisted she go outside.  She ran outside to heed the call of nature and give a quick bark before running back in.  She’s no dummy, she knew she could still get time in bed with how early it was.

We both got comfortable, settled down to have some more sleep time and all was good.  When we woke up next time, I was unable to get out of bed.  Sure my joints hurt, and yes the dog was sitting on me.  So both of these items would slow me down, but not prevent me from getting out of bed typically.

Instead I was trapped in my bed because I had somehow rolled myself up in blankets as if I were a burrito.  And the sheets were holding me hostage.  They did not demand any ransom, content instead to treat me as a human burrito.

Eventually I got out of the sheets and on with my day.  Being the type of day that it was,mi was forced to take a nap a little later on.  So I grabbed a blanket and stretched out.  The dog opted to rest with me.  Once again when I awoke, I was a human burrito hostage.  Why is this happening?


To Live

There are certain things required to live: air, water, food, shelter of some sort and so on. That’s at the very base level, but let’s be honest, we each have other requirements we need in our lives in order to live. For me it’s coffee, access to news, the ‘net and books. Oh and education, access to education.

For Beloved his list includes tea, comfy cardigan (don’t ask), buttercream, books, poetry and music. He swears he will shrivel up and die if he doesn’t have these things. How do I know? Because recently he misplaced his believed cardigan. And I was tasked with finding it upon pain of death or something of that sort.

At some point in life I have become the keeper of all things he has misplaced, including his ragged and well-worn cardigan. Because of course someone must keep track of these things. But asking me, the girl who continually loses one sock between the washer and the dryer may not be the smartest thing to do.

Now in all fairness he did spend half of today looking for said cardigan before demanding I assist in operation “cardy location”. I looked in all the typical places one might expect to find it with no luck. I looked under chairs and behind furniture. I pulled out cushions and drawers all to no avail. It was nowhere to be found.

And as is always the case in a good story, when all hope is lost, or so it looks, a hero comes along with exactly what is needed. In this case the hero has four legs, a waggy tail and some serious doggy breath. While I was sitting on the floor putting drawers back in the bureau, she came over to see what was going on, dragging the missing item with her. From the looks of it, she had probably carried it off to one of her dog beds and used it for cushion, but that’s just speculation on my part.

At any rate she saved the day, or rather Beloved’s life because life without his comfortable cardigan is not a life worth living apparently.

Hibernation Human Style, Or My Way

There is nothing like a cup of hot cocoa and a good story to feel comfortable and safe in the dark cold nights of deep fall and deep winter.

To me this is as close to hibernation as it gets, because unlike a bear, I need to eat and what have you in the cold and dark of these seasons.

What I like to do is make a nice big cup of cocoa (good cocoa and delicious warm milk and just a touch of sugar) and settle down into the oversized comfortable chair. Settling down involves getting nice and comfortable in the chair complete with a comfortable blanket and a wonderful book.

But I’m willing to share. With the right person. And then the chair isn’t an option, but a nice comfortable bed is, complete with comfy pillows, warm blankets and that special someone to read to me while I sip my cocoa.

I know eventually I will wake up because I’m hungry, need to take a bio-break of what have you because I wasn’t built to sleep for months on end.

I figure this little luxury make up for the cold and the dark. Now I will let you in an a wee secret, even if I lived where it never got cold and the sun was always brilliant and lovely, I’d still want my cocoa (maybe not hot) and a blanket (light weight and more for comfort than warmth). And yes, for the right person I’d still share! 😉