Home Cooking, Comfort Food

There are certain things that I really miss from home, so when I found a nice bunch of green tomatoes well you know I just had to turn them into fried green tomatoes.  This isn’t a common thing, not where I live and definitely not something Beloved grew up with.  He won’t even touch them because they are unrepentant tomatoes battered in heavenly cornmeal and fried nice and crisp.  But to me, a few of those and I’m sitting on a porch back home.  Put that with some nicely barbecued meat and some cold iced tea and we are all set, only don’t forget the peach cobbler!

Beloved loves peach cobbler and has happily admitted to an iced tea lemonade addiction not to mention raspberry lemonade addictions as well.  He will pass on the sweet corn casseroles, biscuits and fried chicken.  And yet the man will happily consume chicken fried steak.  (He’s a bit of a work in progress but aren’t we all.)

So I fried some tomatoes, well correction Beloved had to help because lupus is lending a helping hand, the kind that makes my hands not work as well as they should.  He then crisped some bacon, made a spicy mayo and toasted buns for fried green tomato po’boys.  Or in his case bacon on a toasted bun with cheese, lettuce and regular mayo.

We settled on sweet, juicy watermelon for a snack later on.  I’m feeling a little less away from home right now and it should last for a bit.  This means tomorrow’s meals will be from different places to create a new adventure.  And judging from the way Beloved has looked at me, not to mention the visible red cheeks, Beloved will be doing all the cooking.  But it’s okay lupus will not prevent me from watching him cook and it was worth it for a taste that brought me back home for a little bit


Uncomfortable and Can’t Be Helped

Sometimes, despite the best of planning and careful attention to detail, things are just meant to go sideways or all pear-shaped. There’s nothing to it. It can’t be helped. It’s part of a bigger plan, the stars are out of alignment, it’s just not your day and then there’s karma. (She always has to get involved!)

I had planned to make a comforting meal with shepherd’s pie. Now this isn’t a challenging recipe, very few comfort foods have that twist to them. I’ve made this a thousand times (give or take a couple hundred!) without any issue so I had no reason to believe this time would be any different.

But then karma comes in for a brief stay. Can’t be helped, she just pops by after all. So my comfort meal becomes an unfortunate and exceedingly uncomfortable series of disasters.

It starts with crunchy meat (do notask), smushy, seemingly waterlogged veggies and potatoes that secretly were glue (super strength, stick to anything kind of glue).

This was not a comforting meal, frankly it was horribly uncomfortable to look at, pure torture to taste and he thought of it now gives me the hibbie jibbies.

It didn’t matter that I had paid attention to the details,the ingredient, the cooking times. None of that mattered. Why? Because it wasn’t meant to be and that’s stuff that can’t be helped.

So I took the food, placed it in a nice plastic container and set it outside, to feed the stars, and get them lined up again. Either that of chase karma from my door! Let karma and the stars have some of the hibbie jibbies! 😉 surely that would get things into alignment, make it my day or less of not my day and change-up the bigger plans. So no one has to be uncomfortable with ruined comfort food again!