Who knew that they made rain wear for dogs? Obviously some people did. I was not one of those until today. When I headed into the pet store to pick up some food for the four-footed one and found rain coats and rain boots just for dogs!

They even have separate rain hats for dogs too. It is clearly a whole line of items out there. And yes I also found a dog umbrella.

Now the four-footed one hates being wet so I did get her a little rain coat that has the cutest umbrellas on it. The only reason she got the coat is because it has been raining on and off here every day for the past little bit and it has made her walks more like quick dashes out of the house and back in again.

Here’s what I’ve learned about my darling companion and rain gear. The stuff I bought her had an attached hat. She refuses to wear the hat and would sooner have her head wet. Don’t ask because I do not know why she’s so weird.

Second lesson learned. In order to cover the length of her body, the coat had to be bought at a size that is a bit larger than she needed. Which leads me to point three, she would sooner wear loose coats than have them fit her all the way.

The trouble with loose coats is that she ends up getting more wet than she’d like. But they work just well enough for her to decide it is okay to go for a walk while it’s raining.

But the best part of rainy weather is when she comes home. She gets dried off in a big, fluffy towel and then wrapped up in a dry one, which for some reason means she needs to have a nap. Snuggled in a towel while being held on someone’s lap.

So maybe, just maybe, it can rain a bit more!

Fashion Statement

There is something to be said about little paw prints neatly marching along a crisp white background.  There is something else to be said about those same paw prints when they are found marching across a white shirt.  A white shirt laid out to be worn that same day.  And when those paw prints have been made in mud?  Yeah.

The four-footed one would tell you that what you should say about those paw prints is aww.  And if those paw prints, muddy no less, happen to be all over your freshly laundered shirt, laid out on a chair, well you should say thank you for your fashion design.

Except none of that is what I said.  What I wanted to say is, umm, profanity laced.  And no I did not say that either because swearing in front of the four-footed one will not do.  I have no clue why this is the case, but it is.  So instead I called her into the room, pointed at the now paw print covered shirt which had moved from the chair onto the floor and asked her if she was responsible.

And yes dear readers, for a small moment I waited.  I no clue why.  It’s not like she is going to answer me in a way I understand.  But I waited and then I simply moved on with my day.  Minus my new fashion statement.

Self-conscious Insecurities

Without fail, on the days when I need to look pulled together and polished everything seems to conspire against me.  I positive my hair brush and blow dryer spend time ng how to give me the  most creative hair styles that could double as modern art sculptures.

Wrinkles that have been ironed out of clothes the world over manage to find their way into my clothes where they are basically permanent a part of the clothing.  And if I manage to get the creases out of the material chances are I will spill something on myself prior to going in public.

The four-footed one likes to help out as well.  She will rub up against me to help share her lovely fur coat with me.  She will find something smear her face in and then try to share the smear with me.  I mean who doesn’t want to share a smear?

So what’s a girl to do when it seems everything is considering against her to look presentable.  Well, she can hide from it and avoid all public appearances.  Or she can make the best of it and work with what she has.  Basically own the disaster as it is an intended effect.  Which tends to be what I do most of the time.

Beloved will assure you that my hair has yet to even remotely resemble modern art even when I swear it does.  The four-footed one?  Well we both have her fur on our clothes.  Wrinkles happen,  it again Beloved will tell you the wrinkles aren’t nearly as bad as I say.  So how is it that we see things so differently ?  Because when these moments are happening to me it’s my insecurities coming out.  And knowing that helps reduce the self-conscious  that comes with those insecurities.

Clothing Conundrum

I have a bit of an issue on my hands today.  Someone gifted me with some lovely lounge pants.  A variety of colors and materials me up this lovely gift of several pairs of lounge pants.  The pants themselves aren’t my issue.  Actually that would be easy.

Instead friends the issue I have on my hands is this, can I wear my lounge pants even if I’m not going to be lounging?  Or are lounge pants restricted to lounging or resting?  This could create the awkward moments of having to find a way to quickly change out of my lounge pants into my non-lounging pants.  I mean the rushing around would not be considered lounging so you see, it’s a bit of an issue.

And while we are talking about this stuff, I have some reading socks.  And I must confess sometimes when I put them on, I don’t really consider if I will be reading or not.  Now I admit I do some reading each day so it’s somewhat okay I guess.

But when they tell me what my various clothing items are to be used for, I feel guilty and conflicted.  Because there aren’t any hard fast rules around wearing the clothes for things that are basically off label.  I know when my doctor prescribes me meds for off label purposes there are rules around use extra.  Maybe the designers should consider something like that.  Or at least provide the “technicalities” of this for people like me?  I’m asking for me and my guilty conscience.

Party Wear During A Lupus or I Haven’t Got The Fashion

I am supposed to be going to a Christmas party, a coworker is hosting a gathering at his house.  I won’t be attending and in part is because I have nothing to wear.  I know that sounds odd and it’s not the main reason why I’m not attending.  The main reason is that today lupus feels it’s far more important to stay home.  To emphasis this point my medications and body swelling has left me with not many options for clothing.

Yoga pants and swear pants don’t really scream Christmas party clothing to me.  And it’s not really a look I pull off well anyway so let’s spare the coworkers that horror show I say!

Buttons and zippers are seriously complicated things these days and I don’t have the right sheets to pull of the toga look.  Besides I’m not really a toga kind of person.  So you see I really don’t have anything to wear and no shoes fit.

I struggle these days with communication (brain fog thanks for giving me the attention span of a flea) and frankly am just not in the mood for company for any length of time.  I know it sounds silly but I still feel a need to prove I can keep up and hold my own with “normal” people.  Silly really because you never know what anyone else is going through.  But I still feel a need to compete! 😐

Land that’s really the problem with chronic illnesses like lupus, it’s not a one time struggle.  It’s a continual struggle to find balance, make the most of your good days and look “normal” because you have an invisible illness.  Sometimes I wonder if this desire to look “normal” is actually more harmful to gathering awareness about invisible illnesses,  I know at times it’s certainly more harmful to myself!  But I refuse to be “sick” or “different”, all the while embracing individuality.  See, it’s a bit complicated!  Like trying to pull off yoga pants and a toga for a Christmas party one attends barefooted!

What To Wear

Beloved informed me that he had nothing to wear.  Not that he that he didn’t have anything suitable to wear, but rather that he had nothing to wear, as in the poor soul was forced to conduct his daily comings and goings, and all interactions, without any clothing on.  Actually it means all those people having to bear witness to this!

And thus did he have to buy clothes, a full new outfit including shoes and a jacket.  Forced to do it, he said.  The man has more clothing than I do!  And shoes?  Oh good heavens I’ve never met a person who has so many shoes, each for a specific and different purpose!

I don’t begrudge him clothes, he makes the money to buy them and frankly I’d hate to have an unsuspecting public forced to face the spectacle of him sans clothing.  I just wish he wouldn’t use such a tired line about having nothing to wear.

Incidentally this latest set of purchases includes a red velvet jacket, well a rust-reddish jacket.  Somehow I don’t think he has anything to wear with that and thus more items will need to be bought!

I Have Nothing; There Is Nothing

Let’s face it, I’ve never been the kind of girl who will stand in front of her closet, filled with only her clothes (and the same with what once was his closet) and wail with horror and despair that she has nothing to wear. As in not one scrap of clothing. As in she will have to go naked, or wrap up n a sheet and not leave the house because there is really nothing to wear.

Frankly I can’t imagine having that many clothes to deal with. Beloved has more closet space than I do for some reason, but I make up for it with more space on the book shelves! 🙂

I have been known, on occasion to stand in front of a full refrigerator or pantry and let out a pathetic whimper about there being nothing, simply nothing at all, to eat. Of course that isn’t true. Just as it isn’t true that the clothing girl doesn’t have a single stitch of clothing to wear.

I’ve also been known to utter the words “I’m starving” while sitting in a restaurant. I’m not, not in the official sense, starving. Just hungry and before you ask I’ve never known what that gnawing, starving hunger pains are like. I just know hungry as in need to eat and knowing I will be doing so soon.

Why we are prone to exaggerate is a bit of a mystery to me. Sure doing so may equate to a bit more food coming our way, and perhaps a new article of clothing, based on sympathy or what have you. But does that really explain it?

And in case you are wondering, while we are talking about what is lacking, despite having bookshelves that are almost sagging with the weight do book, it’s true, I have nothing to read! 🙂