It’s A Draw

Sometimes we have to do things we don’t like to do.  One of the things I don’t like doing happens to be blood draws.  Oh sure I don’t actually do them.  I simply sit in a chair and let someone else dig into my veins and draw my precious blood out of my body.  

Now I’m not the smartest person, however my understanding is that blood sort of needs to be in my body.i mean that’s where it belongs.  And yes I understand the amount they take in a draw is miniscule.  However when you are getting diagnosed with lupus it seems like they almost drain your body of all e precious blood it has.  Don’t worry.  It just seems that way.  However don’t think once you have been diagnosed that the blood letting is done.  

You see having lupus means taking medications.  Having lupus means blood tests, routine in nature.  Having lupus means giving up bits and pieces of yourself, such as your blood, for your overall health.

And I hate blood draws.  I always have.  And I have them on a regular basis these days.  So I can dislike them, but I still get the, done.  And for the record, I’m blessed to have amazing people who are able to deal with my crappy veins and draw the blood in a not bad way. 



The four-footed one is a thief.  And she has no shame in her thieving ways.  (I’m not talking her stealing my heart.  That’s a given that she’d do that and to be honest, I have basically offered it to her.)

Friends this wee companion of mine steals from me.  She manages to steal the blankets and covers at night when we are sleeping in the bed.  Okay so she sleeps on top of my bed, but some how she still steals blankets and covers.  I’m pretty sure if given the chance she would steal the pillows too!

She steals my favorite chair and claims it for her resting spot, regardless of whether I am home to sit in the chair or not.  And yes I know I’m bigger than her.  I can pick her up.  But did I mention she is a beast with teeth?

She has stolen my socks as well.  Not to chew on, but to give to her babies (stuffed toys) because they clearly need my socks to be happy.  And when you take the socks back, she waits and bids her time to do it all over again.

She has no need to steal any of these items.  She has been provided with blankets and comfort items for her toys.  She has been provided many dog beds and a lap to curl up on.  And yet she continues to steal from me.

Hibernation Human Style, Or My Way

There is nothing like a cup of hot cocoa and a good story to feel comfortable and safe in the dark cold nights of deep fall and deep winter.

To me this is as close to hibernation as it gets, because unlike a bear, I need to eat and what have you in the cold and dark of these seasons.

What I like to do is make a nice big cup of cocoa (good cocoa and delicious warm milk and just a touch of sugar) and settle down into the oversized comfortable chair. Settling down involves getting nice and comfortable in the chair complete with a comfortable blanket and a wonderful book.

But I’m willing to share. With the right person. And then the chair isn’t an option, but a nice comfortable bed is, complete with comfy pillows, warm blankets and that special someone to read to me while I sip my cocoa.

I know eventually I will wake up because I’m hungry, need to take a bio-break of what have you because I wasn’t built to sleep for months on end.

I figure this little luxury make up for the cold and the dark. Now I will let you in an a wee secret, even if I lived where it never got cold and the sun was always brilliant and lovely, I’d still want my cocoa (maybe not hot) and a blanket (light weight and more for comfort than warmth). And yes, for the right person I’d still share! 😉