The Gift Of Relaxation

Sometimes there is no explain or accounting for what someone wants as a gift.  Beloved asked for a nice loofah for his birthday.  And a natural sponge, and some mud from the DeadSea region.  Listen Beloved is into this whole spa thing, more than a lot of people I know.

He is very specific, is Beloved, about the type of sponge, loofah and suchlike.  Specific and particular.  I may have mentioned before, Beloved takes bath time seriously.  Well serious as far as relaxing and washing away the tension of the day. 😊  He had the whole thing setup for his relaxation, from candles to pillows and soft music.  He also isn’t against refilling the bathtub once the water cools too much.  Yes, when it comes to bathtime, Beloved doesn’t worry about excess.😊

Now he didn’t tell me about these bath items for his birthday.  You see we have this odd habit of getting each other books.  Sometimes they are classics from our childhoods and other times special editions of much-loved  books.  So no, I didn’t get him the bath items.  But his dear friends had asked, and so he had told them.  No shame, no silly blushing.  Not for my man. Not when it comes to bathtime.  Thankfully here are friends he has had for years and years.  Some of them even share his passion when it comes to bubble baths.  I’ve seen the group make their way happily into one of those bath stores.  The ones that sell various scented  soaps and lotions, for men, women and gender neutral.

For Christmas he may get lucky! 😉  Yep a nice, thick, plush bathrobe like you get at the spas!  What?  You were thinking of something else?  Dare I even ask?!


A Gift To Flush At And With…

What do you get as a birthday present for the person who has everything?  This same person is known to see something that s/he wants and simple go out and buy it, because, well why not?

The more noble of you will assure me that a homemade gift is equally of more wonderful than something store-bought.  Other will suggest a donation to charity in the name of the person.  Oh sure there is that and a million other things you could do.

But me, being me,  decided in giving the gift that we all use…toilet tissue. Yep glorious rolls of toilet paper, the soft, extra strong stuff.  The kind that you want to use because it works and feels nice.  Why?  Because we all use it and you can never have too much of the stuff!  It’s always in still and very practical too!

Surprisingly the recipient was thrilled with the gift and informed that with each wipe and swipe I’d be in her/his thoughts.  Not exactly something I needed to know! 😉. But it is the thought that counts right?

No it wasn’t a gift for a child, not for Beloved either.  It was a gift for a more mature ( read elderly) relative who delighted in not having to flush her/his own money down the toilet for a bit.  Could this be a trend?  Nah didn’t think so!