Smell That

The smell of something delicious, if you happen to be the four-footed one, can be found in a multitude of places.  From mud found in the garden all the way to up to the neighbor’s tree all house see tantalizing aromas.  Thick, tall grasses seem to hide special orders that can not be resisted despite what your human may say.

For me delicious aromas tend to come from certain places, like the kitchen or a bakery.  Restaurants may tempt me the same as certain stores.  But the neighbor’s tree has never offered me anything that smells delicious.  And no matter what may be in the tall grasses, I’m okay not seeking out a tasty morsel from there.

Sure my attitude probably has me missing out on some things, but I’m okay with that,  the same as I’m okay not eating bugs, at least not deliberately eating them.  And I don’t care if the bugs taste like chicken or chocolate, I am okay on missing out if it’s a deliberate  choice.

So when a friend invited us out to a new place to eat, one that served things like meal worm pizzas and cricket poppers, we did not hesitate. Nope not for me second.  We politely declined.  Because we, after all, are not like the four-footed one.  And yes we know it’s a good source of protein, but we aren’t at the place yet where we can consider consumption of the bugs as an every day occurrence.  And yes I know I eat bug parts every day, but it’s hidden from me.  I’m okay with that. Because delicious aromas aren’t found up trees or in the grass, not for me.


My Spirit Animal

I found my spirit animal in a news story.  It appears that somewhere in is crazy world there is an opossum who’s basically my spirit animal.  You see this creature broke into a bakery and spent the night gorging on pastries.  He was discovered the next morning passed out among the baked goods.

And you see that would completely be me.  I’d break into a bakery and just eat myself silly, get caught and not even care while as happily in my food coma of sorts.  Of course once the food wore off is be super annoyed.  So why don’t I do it?

Well for one, I’m not someone who does well with oodles of authority and rules.  And secondly, breaking into places sounds like too much work. Yes I know the reward is pastries, but is it enough of a reward for the effort required and the potential consequences?  Perhaps it is better to simply let my spirit animal take the glory and the potential consequences.

As an added bonus, if I simply live is moment through my spirit animal my hips won’t suffer the consequences of too many pastries, which in turn would make it that much harder to break into another bakery and get the good stuff.