Historical Beauty

I felt the first blow as though it happened to my own body. I couldn’t understand why. I guess that some things can never be answered to our satisfaction. Not when we are emotionally attached. Emotional attachments of any sort leads a person to not worry about logic or rational.

As the second and third blows came I had to leave, I simply could not bear to watch it. It wasn’t just the loss of the beauty, it was the loss of the history.

I could understand it if the old building was in bad shape, condemned etc. But then it has good structure and is still usable why get rid of that architecture?

It drives me batty when a decision is made to remove an historic building because it doesn’t “suit the skyline” or isn’t part of the “design for the neighborhood”. Some of this old architecture is a thing of beauty.

When we remove pieces of history that can be used as touch points for our past, the history becomes less real. history isn’t just read out of dusty books, it can be experienced by other senses if allow it to remain standing. Sure it might not be sleek or all glass, and granted it may not permit for the same number of people, but there is still value in it.

So I left the area when the wrecking ball was swung to take down the old building to make way for a modern high-rise. I left wondering if those people who made the decision to do this considered the history and the beauty before removing it. I also wondered what they thought of older people, people who maybe aren’t all shiny and new. People with a few cracks and chinks in their armor. Perhaps some of their facade is crumbling and maybe you can’t see their beauty the same as you can with someone younger, but does that mean we remove them?