What Do You See And Hear

When you hear hoof beats do you start looking for horses or zebras? My medical team seems to think in terms of zebras when it comes to my health, but honestly that isn’t their fault. I am not the easiest person to work with in general and with a messed up immune system to match a slightly sarcastic and cynical view-point it just gets harder. For all I know they may be better off looking for mythical or extinct creatures.

We are, to some degree, a sum of our experiences and dealing with my health issues lead me to believe that I’m a bit like a platypus. Sort of a mishmash of various pieces that don’t seem to go quiet right together and yet somehow it all works in some way. Of course, platypus do not make the sound of hoofbeats, but if you saw just the bill out of the water you’d think it was a large waterfowl, and if you saw their back in the water you might think it was a water mammal of sorts, such as a beaver.

To some degree we are all a zebra and a horse, it just depends upon the situation. Each one of us can be a beaver, a duck or a platypus to different people, we just can’t be a zebra and a platypus at the same time.


My Companion’s Mission

The four-footed one snuck in, under the radar.  She used stealth, cunning and people.  She knew I needed her and so when a friend popped by to gather a few things for me, she also gathered up the four-footed one to bring her along.  Thankfully my friend has a large bag.

The four-footed one hopped into the bag, snuggled down below a blanket and kept a book company.  She stayed silent and still despite the jostling around that happens when you are in a bag over someone’s shoulder.  And that person is walking on a tiled floor.  In a bit of a hurry.

The four-footed knew I needed her.  And she needed to know that the treats and snuggles were going to keep coming, even if I was in hospital for a few days.  So she made sure she was smuggled in for a few visits.

How long will things stay this way?  Well I’m home from the hospital and my friend pops in to check on the four-footed one and myself, so I’d say it’s changed already.  But she knows if I go away again, she has the skills to accept an almost  impossible mission, one of being smuggled into the hospital.  Because she knows she has incredible healing powers.  Even if she keeps slipping her head out of her cape!

Unusual Visitors

One of my neighbor’s has taken to feeding the stray cats in the area.  At first he put out a few dishes of food out near the trees where the cats can sometimes been see.  He’d collect the empty dishes and set out new dishes full of food on a daily basis.  This went on for a few months before he decided to do something different.

He moved the food dishes to his back door to make it easier for him to ensure there was always food and water available for the stray cats.  He also started setting out little catnip toys for them to enjoy.

And naturally we started noticing more cats in the area.  We also started noticing that some of the birds were disappearing as well as the squirrels.  Logically it made sense, increase in cats means a decrease of small animals.  It was a tough choice, let the cats starve or realize we might have fewer birds and such.  I couldn’t say the cats were eating the birds, which another neighbor suggested, but naturally birds and cats will keep their distance.

The four-footed one didn’t attempt to make friends with the cats.  Instead she kept her distance.  But when the skunks and foxes started coming into the neighbourhood, well she couldn’t resist these new beings.  Thankfully the foxes were too shy to play.  As for the skunks, they clearly are used to dogs as they let the four-footed one come up and sniff them.  She also tried to play with them.  They weren’t interested in play, but thankfully they also didn’t spray.

The neighbor who thought he was helping the cats didn’t believe us about the foxes and skunks.  That is until one say when he was setting out the food and a skunk walked right into his house.  Of course the skunk didn’t stay, it walked back out of the door which wa still being held open due to shock.

We now have more birds and squirrels on the neighbourhood.  And the skunks still visit now and then.  As they as passing by.

Working With Slow Progress or Manners, Dogs And Oh My

Someone in this household needs to work on her manners.  Wait.  What?  You thought we were going to talk about me?  Okay, sure my manners could be brushed up on.  Let’s face it, the majority of us can brush up on our manners.

But enough of that, we are talking about th four-footed one.  She really needs to work on her manners.  She chews with her mouth open, interrupts when someone else is talking with whining.  Oh…no I mean yes she does those things, but that’s not what I’m complaining about.

She currently is running under the assumption that she owns the entire sidewalk and woe to anyone else who happens to be on what she considers to be hers.  She will bark at you.  If she is on a leash when Beloved is walking her she will try and lunge at the other  person.  (She tried that with me twice and that was it.) Beloved can’t understand why she doesn’t behave he same way with him as she does when she is with me.

She does need to work on her listening skills in general as she’s as apt to ignore a sit command as she is to follow it.  I’d like to think it’s a manners thing rather than an owner thing, but of course it will be an owner thing.  It always is.

And then there is this need to spray people with water right after she has had a drink.  This is new by the way.  We never used to spray people with.  We used to drink and politely let the water dribble off our chin/beard.  But now we spray people.  Liberally.  With water from our water dish.

You see  manners are lacking.  If we want to take her out in public we must work on manners.  Otherwise she will never get out with us.  On the other hand, Beloved seems to enjoy whole sidewalks to himself as well as patios at th coffee shops.

Of Sharks, Dinosaurs And ?

There dinosaurs on the television earlier.  I’m m not sure what exactly Beloved was watching, I just noticed dinosaurs with tiny little arms and apparently several bony protrusions in its is dinosaur was colored yellow and purple and had what appeared to be feathers on its back legs.  Granted this was an artist’s interpretation of a dinosaur, but why it was on my television was a bit of a mystery.  Just not one I needed to actually solve.

However the little bit I saw made me rethink the four-footed one.  Not rethinking keeping her, oh heavens no not that!  But the past little bit we’ve been referring to her as a shark.  Basically since the week of non-stop shark shows, we’ve come to notice that our sweet little companion resembles an ambush attacking style of large, toothy sharks.

Now I’m thinking perhaps we were a bit quick on calling her a shark.  There appears to be a fair amount of an artist’s idea of a dinosaur in our four-footed companion.  There are days I wish she’d just get a little more in touch with her inner-sloth.  Not completely, but a bit.  Just enough that she’d settle down here and there.  But of course if she were to get in touch with her inner sloth I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be the slow part as much as the tree climbing part.  Maybe it’s better that she just stays as she is and we stop trying to compare her to other animals!

Airplane Watch

Beloved is a few thousand miles away now.  He may even be a few thousand miles in the air judging by a quick glance at the clock.  And now that he’s gone I will find myself watching airplanes.  I ways do when he’s gone one a long trip all the way across the world.  I have no clue why, logically I know he isn’t on any of the planes flying over my head…but still I do it.

So for a change of plans, the four-footed one and I took a drive out into the country.  We had already gone for a few walks around the house and watched the airplanes fly past the house.  Out in the country we didn’t notice as many airplanes.  Just horses and cows with a small handful of goats.  I think the four-footed got worn ht watching horses run and goats eat.  The cows seemed to want to rest on the ground.

When we getting wiped off (well she was getting wiped off to go in the car and I was the one doing th wiping) a flock of birds went over head.  The country-footed one watched them until they went out of sight.  For the rest of the ride home ever time she saw a bird she would watch it until it was out of her sight.  I guess it’s not much different from watching airplanes and probably is a great deal more entertaining.


I had heard, from a friend, that another friend of mine had taken the idea of being an advocate for her child a bit too far.  Apparently this mother has become a helicopter parent that’s hovering a little too close for people to notice the separation between mother and child.

It’s hard to say much about this when I’m not a parent so I just made a few noncommittal noises and was ready to leave things be.  But of course in life there is always something, typically something small, that makes things change.  In this case it was a little something that moved the moment from noncommittal to until.  I was fine with things until I heard that the mother did not feel that I “honored” her child’s “personal need to express emotions” through “verbal dialogue”.

In case you are wondering when mom and child were last visiting me said child felt it was acceptable to tease the four-footed one because “it’s fun” and “I really wanna”.  I do not tolerate teasing or other forms of abuse towards innocent animals.  (Of course I’m also never sure what the four-footed one will do in response so I really do not accept any level of this.)  The child’s response was to immediately try to kick the four-footed one (he missed) and proceed to hit my walls.  Needless to say I was not impressed and told him as much.

I had assumed things were fine after this altercation, but mother decided that her son should be allowed to express his desires and responses in any he saw fit and I was selfish to not allow him this chance.  I should point out the child is ten years old and I know for a fact he knows how to behave.    Mom, without telling me how she felt, decided that I was being neglectful towards her offspring.  I worry for this child’s future because not everything is going to go his way and his mother won’t always be there for him.

For the record, I have never raised my voice or touched this child.  I have never called him names nor made disparaging comments towards him or about him.  Evidently my lack of fully supporting her child is not only disrespectful but dishonourable.  His behavior to my four-footed one is acceptable, which makes me wonder what else will be acceptable in his future.