Packing It In

I love to travel!  There is something exhilarating about going on an adventure.  Long trips or short trips, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s the thrill  of something new, some different to break up the routine that gets me excited.

however I hate to pack.  I hate having to decide what to clothes to bring based on weather and what I may be doing.  But far worse than those decisions is the dread, the horror, the nightmare of something called packing.  Packing is the bane of travel!

Is there anything tedious,  more annoying than having to cram your clothes into a suitcase that’s permitted on your trip?  A suitcase that can’t be packed full because there will be things to bring back?  A suitcase that you have to haul  with you?  It’s a bit liked  boat anchor, and I dont even pack heavy.

My ideal trace is basically a knapsack or small carry-on duffel.  I guess part of that is because time I fly with a certain airline they do one of two things just for mer.  They either lose my luggage (albeit temporarily) or they damage my luggage.  Now I know some of you are jealous of this star treatment, but I assure you here are drawbacks to it!  Such as never having what you need, what you packed, when you need it.

Beloved points out that this is part of the adventure, but then it’s never his stuff that’s lost.  He detests my ps king and fitting everything into a small bag, a bag I can keep with me.  He claims I look a bit like a person carrying all her worldly belongings with her when I do this and he has a suitcase.

When I travel alone, I like to travel light and haven the freedom of not being left to drag the anchor, err suitcase I mean, around.  Of course cleaning customs and security can be a hassle when you are travelling for three weeks and only have a knapsack, albeit a well packed on, as your luggage.

And when I’m traveling with him  well let’s just say some of my stuff has a  way of migrating (all on its own accord mind you) into his suitcase.  It’s one of life’s mysteries how this happens, but it’s all part of the adventure.  Besides I like to think of him as my personal Sherpa sometimes!



One Wave Ahead or Drifting Away

Lately it seems even when in I do my harbor  for the coming tempest, I still drift away.  It isn’t a case of lack battening down hatches, securing the ropes and ensuring the anchor is in the water.

It is as if the rip tide and tugging winds are greater than my measures of securement.   I find myself drifting further out than expected, the anchor line drawn tight to the point of almost snapping.

I always find this to be the case when I’ve basically settled somewhere, the water and the wind call to me, as though I may have settled a bit too soon.  It seems that there is more of the world that demands I see it, demands I not get too comfortable.

Thankfully Beloved doesn’t mind this habit off mine.  He offers shelter from the coming storm, helps untangle lines and cut me free.  He simply waits for me to come backs om is harbor, he lets me drift when I need to, sometimes we drift together and other times alone.  He pulls me into shelter when I ignored the storm and he sees how I get tangled up in myself long before I do.  When this happens, he untangles me or cuts me free.  It is as if he is always one wave ahead of me.