A Dog’s Life

I must confess, I am envious of the four-footed one’s life. I mean I don’t want to eat dog food, nor do I want to drink out of a dish. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like a leash either. But her lifestyle is something to envy.

She gets up in the morning, has the most incredible stretching routine to remain nimble and flexible. She takes care of her toileting needs (granted I wouldn’t want to do that outside) and then is all set for breakfast.

She is well fed, but not overfed. She is taken for walks, where she mostly picks the route and the duration. She naps when she wants, where she wants for as long as she wants. There is plenty of time to play, explore and learn.

She doesn’t need to worry about bosses, bills, or taxes. Oh no, her life is a life of luxury and dare I say leisure?

Sure I might get bored if that was my day everyday. But there is something to be said about the simplicity of her life. She wakes up happy and seems to be happy and full of joy. So for a little while at least, I’d like to have her life.


Attention Please

The four-footed one has been listening to frogs call out to each other. It’s that time of year where boy frogs seek the companionship of girl frogs, so they call out or do whatever it is that frogs do to draw attention to themselves.

The problem with this is that sometimes the frogs draw attention to themselves, but it isn’t attention they want. Such as hungry birds looking for the delicacy of frog legs and such. Or the attention of a curious dog who needs to get closer whenever possible. As in close enough to touch, or taste as the case may be.

But the frogs must ignore the risks, some will be a sacrifice and others will hook up with frogs to carry on the lineage. Some of the sacrifices will be flown away to be honored by being consumed in branches, and sadly some will be eaten where they are found. And then there are the ones that the four-footed one found.

She tried to pat them and give them a kiss. Who knows maybe she was looking for her prince charming. She chased them and caught them in between her paws. She was having a ball. The same cannot be said for the frogs who encountered her. Or for that matter Beloved, who was holding onto her leash and thus had as much frog fun as he ever wanted in life.

As we made our way back, a small frog hopped out of the cuff of Beloved’s pants. I guess it’s a quick way to get from one place to another, especially when an overly excited dog wants to be your friend and you are just looking for sexy time. Who knows, maybe the frog got lucky in more ways than just surviving time with the four-footed one.

Oh The Choices

The four-footed one likes to flop down in pools of sunshine when they appear on the floor.  She simply settles down and rests, even if she just work up not that long ago.  Thr four-footed one also likes to hear the sound of a knife on a cutting board as she believes she will get food.  The four-footed one also likes the sounds of food being unwrapped, in hope that some food could come her way.

Why am I telling you this?  Because today the trifecta of sun, sounds and more sounds all came together in one moment.  She found sound and settled down about the same time as a bit of food was being unwrapped and then cut on the cutting board.  She was torn between leaving the valuable patch of sun to see if she could get some food or staying in the sun and potentially missing out on a sample of something delicious.  She would open her eyes wide, lift her head and get ready to go to the kitchen only to be lulled by a moment of silence and the warmth of the sun.

No we weren’t teasing her, it was all simply a case of perfect timing or such.  And in the end the sun won out.  After all even though she tends to live in the moment, she recognized that the sun would be more fleeting and we were more likely to offer her food later on.  She wasn’t wrong on either case.

There may be something calculated in her behavior I think.  Beloved says not calculating at all, she’s just learned the routine well enough to know which is more likely to wait around.  


I’m not really a fan of grocery shopping.  I normally run in and get what I need and get out.  Beloved, on the other hand, loves to go grocery shopping.  Even if he knows the store by heart he is compelled to go up and down every aisle.  On top of going up and down the aisles, he picks up items and reads them and then outs them down.  This is a somewhat random behavior on his part.

The four-footed one has embraced the art of grocery shopping when she was taken to the market.  Beloved took her up and down the various stalls and sellers’ spaces.  She was given samples of treats and fruit, so what’s not to love about shopping when that happens?

So when I announced that I needed to go grocery shopping, the putter-patter of her feet could be heard across the floor as she raced to get to the door.  She didn’t seem to understand that the grocery store wouldn’t let her roam around their space.  But I didn’t want to break her heart either, so I took her for a ride.  And we stopped for coffee on the way home.  Well a coffee for me and a dog biscuit for her!  I guess she was okay with that grocery trip.

Play Time

The four-footed one was happily playing hide the egg all on her own, sticking it under a blanket and then tossing it about only to dig it back out again. This game had been going on for hours and showed no sign of stopping.

I had stopped working to watch her play with her egg because not only was she entertaining herself, but she was also providing me with some entertainment as well. Once again proving that she does live up to her breed’s description of being playing and entertaining.

She would have probably continued to play with the egg and her blanket longer than she did, but the ringing of the phone caught her attention and she left the egg to come over to me. She found the phone conversation to be more riveting than her games with her egg. I wish I could say the same, but the call was one of those routine and mundane requests for something.

I had hoped that the dog would go back to being my entertainment when I got off the phone, but alas she was having none of it. Nope. She now needed me to play with her. Hide the egg, throw the egg (not that she ever brings it back) and chase her about. Until she was tired of it all, at which point she promptly put herself into one of her many dog beds and fell asleep. I was not amused, nor entertained, but I did get my work done.

What’s In A Description

The four-footed one has changed her job description from being the on who provided entertainment to being the one who cuddles on legs. How she decided to change this, I’m not sure. And for the record she doesn’t really have a job description.

The past few days she has opted to randomly hop up on unsuspecting legs of innocent visitors. This has resulted in crumbs and coffee being spilled or shaken. Because when she does that she doesn’t provide any warning before she leaps, she simply leaps up and gets comfortable.

The unsuspecting person doesn’t have a say in this either. She picks the person and the lap and settles down until she is ready to leave or visit some other person. It used to be shed hop up on legs for a different vantage point ot the window. I mean who knows what all there is to bark at if you only look from one place all the time?

She seems happy with her new job description, but then who wouldn’t when they create it for themselves?

Carrot Sticks

Growing up, my father was a firm believer in using a carrot to dangle in front of me rather than a stick. He felt he would get the desired results with less fuss if he used the carrot.  Except the carrot had to be something other than a carrot due to my motivation desires.

Oddly enough, the four-footed one can and is motivated by carrot sticks. Or slices, or shreds. She likes carrots.  Need to distract her from something outside?  A carrot piece comes in handy.  Mailman coming to the house and you need to get the parcel from him, give her a carrot stick and she will happily munch along and ignore the mailman.

Come home from grocery shopping get forget which bag the carrots are in?  Have no fear, the four-footed one will find the, for you.  She will stick her head in every bag until she finds them.  And then she will tug them out, drop them on the floor and give them kisses or a wee nibble.  I learned that lesson the hard way a few weeks back, when she took a bite from each carrot while I was putting other items away.  In all faIrness, she snuck the bunch past me and into her kennel which was in another room.

So clearly with her the carrot stick is the answer!