It’s A Dog, It’s A Cat, It’s….

Some days I wonder if the four-footed one is part cat. Not that you can see it in her appearance, so I assume it would be way back in her bloodline. It is more in the way she moves and responds to certain things.

For example, there are darling birds in one of our trees. Now and then, the birds like to fly down and peck around in the ground. If little Miss Four-Feet is near them, she will get into a crouching stalk-like stance and start to stalk them. Ever so slowly does she make her way to them, until she knows that she can make an easy leap to snatch them. She forgets they are birds, so they can fly away before she actually gets them between her paws.

She is determined though, perhaps she also got nine lives of type, in this case, nine lives of determination and trying. So far, she hasn’t caught any birds, but that doesn’t stop her from trying. Try she does, with her whole being! And each time she comes up shocked and surprised, there is no bird between her cute little paws, but she can see them chirping at her from a branch just beyond her reach.

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