In The Air

There is something to be said about sipping a good coffee and reading a good book while a dog rests against your feet. It’s healing and soothing and just right.

So that’s what I was doing today, enjoying a cup of strong coffee while reading an interesting book as the four-footed one curled up against one of my feet and started to snore. There was a slight wind that seemed to grow a little stronger each time it moved the trees, but nothing too concerning. Four-feet certainly didn’t sense anything wrong with this wind.

I’m not sure how long my neighbor had been calling out to me before I heard her, but she seemed somewhat agitated when I lifted my hand and gave her a wave. As I made my way towards her, she started to speak fast, I understood less than half of what she said, but the gist of things was that the wind, which was still gaining in strength was terrible. We needed to “batten down the hatches” and get indoors.

I started securing what I could, moving pots and plants as required. The four-footed one had wandered closer to the pond. By the time I finished doing what I could, the dog had returned to wait for the duck and me.

The duck meant I needed to fill the small pool so she’d have a place to swim and do whatever it is that ducks do in the water. A full pool later, the wind was now blowing steady and hard, like a stream of air, items were flying around outside while we watched from the safety of the house.

My neighbor was right, that lousy wind had come.

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