Home Sweet…

Some people will never leave from where they grew up, sure, they will move into a different area of the city, or perhaps a separate suburb, but they won’t travel far. Other people will go far from where they grew up, possibly settling down thousands of miles away from there. Still, others never really settle; they are nomads for life.

A home may be where your blood relatives are, or it may be where your friends are. Home is a feeling or a sense for some people, and for some, home is discovered on a whim.

I’ve happily traversed all over the globe, finding a home among friends and unique places alike. Adventures, oh heavens, yes, there have been those as well as peace and calm that I didn’t know existed.

I cannot fathom a life without finding a sense of home, yet many among us lack a physical home and find that sense, among others.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet…

  1. I’ve moved around most of my life! Thankfully, for once, I have lived in one area for over 7 yrs now and one house for over 5 yrs now. First time in history of my life of 51 yrs

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