Give Me Space

The four-footed one is annoyed with me being under her feet all the time. Well, technically, I’m not actually under her feet because she’s always under my feet.

Who knew that a small dog required a whole house to herself most of the day? I certainly had no idea that little Miss Four-Feet was someone who needed as much space as she appears to need.

I thought by leaving her one room in the house while I worked in another would be enough. I was wrong. Horribly wrong. And she made sure those near the hoes heard how wrong I was.

Seeking peace and preserving my hearing, I headed outside to work. She could have the house, and I would work surrounded by flowers and such. Little Miss Four-Feet was having none of this either. A dog, the size of a shoe box, requires a lot of space—more space than a human the size of many shoe boxes, for the record.

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