Who Needs A Clock, Get A Dog 

Who needs alarm clocks, or clocks in general, when you have the four-footed one in your life?  She is not just a creature of routine, she’s a creature of time.  She gets up the same time every morning.  She insists on bedtime being the same each night, unless one of us isn’t home by that time.  She gets unpleasant if her routine mealtime is messed up.  She wants her walks right after breakfast, lunch and evening snack time at the same time.  She is a creature of time.

I’ve been unwell, I’ve been up all night with my pain and such.  Four-feet has slept the sleep of the unbothered.  I’ve managed to fall asleep before the sun is just coming up, only to be awoken at our usual time because of the four-footed one.  This is not a one off thing either. 

We’ve come back from errands a half hour late to discover the four-footed one is in a mood because her lunch time has just been pushed back by that half hour. And not just lunch either, there is the walk after that which has now been messed up.  We’ve also left and missed her evening snack time and come home to one angry bundle of fur.   Don’t worry, after snack and being allowed to air her grievances, she’s calmed down again.

Last night she came twice to nose me off to bed.  I wasn’t really ready for bed, but she was.  And she wanted to get comfortable on the bed, which is only possible when her human mattress/pillows are already in bed.  So I left a lg hit on, to read by.  After twnety minutes she decided it was too much and kept batting at me to turn off the lights  and put the book away.  

This morning I lingered too long with my coffee.  She wanted her walk and even though I wasn’t taking her, she wasn’t pleased with me sitting at the table.  I was supposed to be at the door to say goodbye and watch her start her walk. Too bad she can’t talk. Not that I’m planning anything, but if anything were ever to happen where I needed to have a witness as to my whereabouts at a specific time, she’d be the ideal witness.  She’s a clock on four legs! 

One thought on “Who Needs A Clock, Get A Dog 

  1. Your four footed one sounds like our Aussie dog. What a sweetie. Sometimes they know what is good for us before we do. Wonderful post.

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