Translation Please

Only in my household, do you find naked onions, turnips without dresses, and pantless bananas. The first time I heard about naked onions, I stood rooted in disbelief. It was the first time Beloved and I tried cooking together.

Naked onions, for the record, are onions that have been peeled. (You probably figured that out faster than I did.) Turnips without dresses are turnips that have had the tops trimmed. (Don’t ask. I’m just sort of along for the ride on this one!) As for pantless bananas, it’s not what you think. Thes are banans that have been removed from the bunch.

Beloved speaks many languages, which I admire. However, the phrases he comes up with can leave me shaking my head and looking for a translator.

He uses senior citizen tomatoes for his sauces. He gently fries infant peas which have been removed from their nests.

You can probably guess the tomatoes are old and the skin has started to wrinkle. The infant peas are young peas that have been taken out of their pods.

Living with Beloved is always an adventure and meals are never dull.

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