To Sleep With The Crumbs

Some people don’t mind crumbs in bed.  Some people don’t mind meals in bed.  Some people don’t have a choice and can only consume meals in bed, whether they like crumbs or not.  I am not the type of person who is okay with crumbs in bed.  Beloved, however, has no issues with eating popcorn in bed.  And leaving popcorn bits in the sheets.

This is clearly why I woke up with popcorn in my hair.  Which amused Beloved to no end, and annoyed me.  Partially because he doesn’t have popcorn in his hair.  That’s only because his hair too short to gather and keep the popcorn.  Although he did have popcorn stuck to his cheek!

Early in our relationship, Beloved thought I would appreciate breakfast in bed.  So he made a fancy breakfast and served it in bed.  He couldn’t understand that for someone with lupus, a chronic illness that leaves me exhausted, getting out of bed can be a big deal.  There are days being able to get out of bed and shower are what I call major accomplishments.  So naturally when I feel well, the last thing I want is to eat in bed.  

I enjoy being able to be up and about.  I relish the days I have energy to go out and be with friends.  It’s nice to enjoy a good meal whether it has been made by a loved one or is at a nice restaurant.  In other words, why eat in bed when you are well enough to not?  

Now Beloved obviously feels different and so making him breakfasts hat he is going to eat in bed is a great way to show him how much I love him.  I only do that on wash days for some reason.  I think he may be catching on though based on what he said after he finished his breakfast in bed today.  Oh well.

2 thoughts on “To Sleep With The Crumbs

  1. I was once startled awake my an entire box of rice crispies dumped in my messy bun and was told I knocked the box over in my sleep lol! Well yes, this is a bed, not a buffet 🙂

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