From Heaven

Now and then I think instead of manna from heaven, there should be coffee and chocolate from heaven.  Okay maybe not directly from heaven because that might get messy between the liquid coffee and melty chocolate.  That might not be ideal.  Then again, depending upon your tastes, it may be.

So okay not from heaven.  But drone delivery might work.  Say you are stuck because your vehicle has broken down.  Maybe you are waiting for road side assistance.  Who wouldn’t want a coffee and/or chocolate in that moment?  Sign me up for that STAT!  

But you are stuck waiting for help.  Probably a long way from any coffee or chocolate shop.  This is where the drone bit comes in.  Sure I haven’t worked out the kinks on all the pieces, but in time it will happen.

Now I wasn’t stuck due to a broken down vehicle today.  I was stuck on the outskirts of town, in a large, slow moving crowd.  I needed coffee and chocolate in that moment.  As in some I might injure someone if no coffee or chocolate was available to soothe me.  And of course there was neither shop near by.  See?  This is whYes need these items delivered from heaven so to speak.  Think of it as a public safety deal.

In case you were wondering, the crowd had built up due to various issues with transportation.  Which naturally happened while I had already ended up there.  

One thought on “From Heaven

  1. I agree! I also believe all dressing rooms should have wine and chocolate vending machines 🙂 Shopping is difficult and treats would make it so much better!

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