She Is

She was the size of a small cloth. She fit in my hand with room to spare and yet she took over my whole heart. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t do anything other than snuggle into me. And that was it, she won my heart over and we were a couple.

She’s the size of a shoebox, still full of the puppy playfulness in her and she’s bruised my heart a million times over with all those paw prints she keeps imprinting on it. She doesn’t have to do anything really, just look at me, or sigh in her sleep and she owns my heart even more.

She’s the size a shoebox, having grown from fitting in one of my hands with room to spare to being what she is today. She knows she owns my heart and while she does leave bruises on it, she doesn’t mean harm. She just keeps walking on it in a good way.

She curls up against me, she pushes every so gently for more space in my heart and when I think there will be simply no way for her to get more space, she somehow does. I’m so amazed by how much she has taken and continues to take while giving so much more back to me in the form of unconditional love, that time seems to be rushing further ahead.

She is the size of a shoebox, but she demands the space of large building in my heart. She demand that for love, to be loved and to love back. And some how she gets it all and more!

2 thoughts on “She Is

  1. Such perfect love. I have 2 sweet babies-Maltese. They are pure love.

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