I’m Sick, But I Am Not My Disease

When you have a chronic illness, or a serious illness, it is easy to become that illness. This isn’t intentional on your part, it just seems to happen. Probably because you have so many medical appointments tied into your health. Maybe because it is all you can think about. Perhaps it is this way because your health, the status of the illness and such ends up dominating your conversation until it seems your illness has consumed who you are.

Some people will push back against their illness becoming who they are. Some people will fight hard, do things they always did before their illness, just to prove they are more than the illness. I understand that. I have been there myself.

However there are some people who cannot fight against this. They cannot do anything beyond resting, trying to care for themselves and attending to their appointments. Does this make them weaker? Does this make them their illness?

When you are healthy and well, it can be hard to understand how sick a person can be. And how long it can take a person to find any form of energy to be spent on anything beyond his or her illness. Please don’t judge. You cannot possible understand how incredibly hard it may be to be yourself and not your illness until you have had to face something like this yourself.

If you happen to be blessed to have never been in this situation I ask you to please be kind to us. We don’t mean to become our illness, we don’t want to wear it like our identity. It just happens that way sometimes. But truly underneath the trappings of that illness, we are still who we’ve always been!

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