Well Hello

Do you mind if I sit here?  I don’t mind sharing the space, I just need a place to rest.  

What’s that?  Oh no, I’m fine.  It just happens to be one of those days.  Maybe you’ve had one of them yourself.  You know the kind where as soon as you get one thing finished something else moves up on the to-do list and so you keeping going at that pace?  Yeah it’s been one of those days.  And the to-do list keeps growing rather than getting smaller.

Yes I see you do know the kind of day I’m talking about.  Sometimes I wonder why we bother with to-do lists or anything like that.  Sometimes I feel like doing just what I want to do.  Is that so wrong?

I’m glad you agree!  Some people seem to be unstoppable.  They just keep going and going, never worrying about those to-do lists.  I wonder what those people do to have that much energy when I have days where it seems that breathing takes up a huge amount of my energy.  Oh sure I could stop breathing, but that sort of defeats the purpose of it all. 

Yes now that you bring it up, not breathing also means avoiding all those to-do lists.  Hmm that is interesting.  But I think I will pass.

What’s that?  Oh, no I don’t have a lung condition.   I have lupus.  Which sometimes makes it seem like I have a lung condition. Or a heart condition.  And sometimes I just don’t have enough energy for those to-do lists! 

Well thanks for sharing the space, I need to get on the next thing that I can manage on my to-do list.

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