Educating Lupus Style

Some people just rely on getting by with passion, trust and luck. Some people rely on getting by with support, help and hard work. And some people, well, some people rely on trust.

Prior to become very ill with lupus, I had a strange mix of things to get my through in this life. I relied on hard work, education, intellect and determination. It worked. Well sort of. Because you can only go so far when traveling against great resistance.

After lupus, well, I learned that lupus doesn’t care what your GPA was. Lupus doesn’t care what school you went to or what level of education you ended up with. Lupus doesn’t care how stubborn you are, how hard you work or how passionate you are. I know because these were the things that I had always prided myself on working with and having.

But as they say, pride goes before the fall and for me, lupus was the fall. But it isn’t all dreadful. I still have a career, still have my intellect, even if on certain days it’s like plumbing the depths of the oceans just find it. I’m still determined and passionate. But I’ve come to learn to trust people that I care about in my life. I’ve come to learn to ask for help, and even bigger for me, to accept help.

Lupus is, in some ways, a great equalizer. Lupus can, in some ways, put your life into perspective in a way you never considered. Lupus can teach you lessons you’d never learn in any school, no matter your GPA or your intelligence. Lupus can, however, teach you how to let go of things, hang on to things and find where your real priorities are.


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