It’s A Draw

Sometimes we have to do things we don’t like to do.  One of the things I don’t like doing happens to be blood draws.  Oh sure I don’t actually do them.  I simply sit in a chair and let someone else dig into my veins and draw my precious blood out of my body.  

Now I’m not the smartest person, however my understanding is that blood sort of needs to be in my body.i mean that’s where it belongs.  And yes I understand the amount they take in a draw is miniscule.  However when you are getting diagnosed with lupus it seems like they almost drain your body of all e precious blood it has.  Don’t worry.  It just seems that way.  However don’t think once you have been diagnosed that the blood letting is done.  

You see having lupus means taking medications.  Having lupus means blood tests, routine in nature.  Having lupus means giving up bits and pieces of yourself, such as your blood, for your overall health.

And I hate blood draws.  I always have.  And I have them on a regular basis these days.  So I can dislike them, but I still get the, done.  And for the record, I’m blessed to have amazing people who are able to deal with my crappy veins and draw the blood in a not bad way. 


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