The Oddest Thing or Lupus Working

One of the questions I am frequently asked, when people learn I have lupus, is why do I bother to continue to work.  Some of this may stem of a lack of understanding how lupus affects me.  Although I have had more than a few comments about how it would be nice to have the chance to not work for health reasons and still have the bills covered.

I’m fortune in that despite my lupus I can still work.  Sure there are days I have to drag myself to work, force myself to work the day and drag myself home.  But those these days aren’t the typical ones.  The typical ones are with aches and pains and some hurdles, but the joy of what I do overcomes anything else.

I Suspect people view this as they do retirement.  While we are working, slogging through the thick of things, we dream about those days when we don’t have to work.  The days when we can sit at home or do whatever we please.

On the days lupus gets in the way of work, it isn’t like I’m out having a grand time of things.  I’m miserable and unable to do anything.  And i suspect that if it came to me not working, I’d go crazy with time.  Sure you can fill it up, but on a very small limit I’m not sure exactly how much you can cram into that.

It truly is one of The oddest things that has happened to me since being diagnosed with lupus, I do not dream of the day I can retire.  I relish each day I go to work, even though I may complain about a few small things here and there.  Because I know how fortunate I am to be able to work and continue to do what I love.


One thought on “The Oddest Thing or Lupus Working

  1. I too had that attitude. I relished going to work even though I dragged myself there and on many days left on the verge of tears and once in the safety of my car burst into them with frustration and pain. I was so happy that I could work and knew what it would mean when I couldn’t. The last 18 months have been incredibly rough and after nine years of fighting I have had , to finally admit that working full time and keeping up with my colleagues is no longer an option. It has been tough to accept and I am still working on it. You go girl and stay at work as long as you can.

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