Of A Different Cut

Beloved got his hair cut.  No this isn’t anything unusual.  Not really.  He does it on a regular basis.  He even went to see the same person as he always does.  This time, Beloved told the stylist to do something a bit different, anything really, with his hair.

And so he came home with a slightly different look. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was something I liked or not.  It’s just a bit different.  And since I am so used to seeing him look the same, with slightly messy hair, this new, more styled look.

He admitted he isn’t sure that he likes it either.  But things sometimes take time to grow on you.  Or in the case of a bad haircut, time to grow out!   So it can be restyled and cut to something that works better or even back to how it used to look.

The nice thing is, as he pointed out, hair grows back.  And if you can’t wait out a bad haircut, you can wear a hat (if you’ve the head for that), or a wig (if you really feel you need to go that far).

For now we will see where his coif goes as far as growing on us or not.


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