In Charge

The four-footed one decided that today was the day to make her stand. Or in her case, her escape. A stand, well actually a runner, against being placed in the safety of her kennel during transport. Yes, dear friends, she bolted on me. She ran. She ran hard and fast for freedom.

We were on our way to the umm puppy doctor (we don’t say vet for obvious reasons), and I had placed her kennel near her to put her in it. She’s been in it many times and not always going to see the doctor. Sometimes we go for a ride and she always experiences it from within her kennel.

But today she said no more. Enough of this. And she ran away from me. And because the door to the outside was open as well, Beloved was coming in, she bolted for the freedom of the garden. She ran laps. She crawled behind the shed, so we couldn’t get to her easily. Eventually she slunk behind a low tree to hide.

How did we catch her? She cannot resist her kibble. Holding out a single piece of her kibble, the stuff I feed her every day, was her undoing. She had to leave her hiding spot. It was irresistible. So much so that as she leaned in to get her kibble, I scooped her up and popped her in the kennel.

I know now she will do this again. She will pick her moments, make her stand through running and we will have to remind her that she isn’t the boss of us. As we meekly hold out that single piece of kibble to coax her back to us. Because clearly we are in charge!


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