Impressive Title

Some women win pageants and end up with titles such as, Miss Congeniality or Beauty Supreme.  My mother, well she was Queen of Casserole one year.  Yep, not even kidding because you cannot make this stuff up.  This was well before she had me.  Well before she was married.

In fact it was back in the dark ages when she was still in school.  (She used to say she rode a dinosaur to school, and it would mosey back to pick her up when classes were finished.)  Why I call it the dark ages is because at the time my mother went to school there were certain classes designated for males and others for females.  Home Economics, Sewing and Budgeting were all courses for females to take.

My mother couldn’t sew a straight line or have even stitches to save her life.  Heck most of the patterns she cut out were also cut, umm, creatively shall we say.  Such as even though things were cut and pinned to the material for her to cut she still ended up with items wrong.  But in the cooking of Home Economics, my mother excelled.

Not because she loved to cook, it was just that she had been cooking for a long time already out of need so when it came to cooking, my mother already was comfortable with it.  Not just that, but she knew how to vary the ingredients a bit to come up with something slightly different.  And casseroles were her thing.  Mostly because her father and mother both worked odd hours.  Casseroles could be made and cooked, and then held nice and warm without issue.

So well some people had mom’s voted mostly like to succeed, or Queen of the Prom, or May, my mother was Queen of Casserole.  If she had a sash, I don’t know, but I’d hope someone else made it for her, or else it would be jagged and crooked.  As for me, I may win Queen of the Sarcastic Snark, but that’s about it.


2 thoughts on “Impressive Title

  1. I too am old enough to have taken a Home Economics course. So, in this full semester of cooking class, we cooked once actually during class. The only other time was a homework assignment that our parent was supposed to sign-off on. My parents happened to be out of town, so my 80-year old, mostly senile grandmother signed off of my box of Kraft spaghetti that I passed off as my own.

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