Just A Little Nuts

The four-footed chased a squirrel today.  Not for the sake of chasing a squirrel as per say.  Instead she chased the squirrel for what it had in its paws.  The treasure?  A peanut.

Now the four-footed one isn’t supposed to eat peanuts and I certainly don’t give them to her.  She is enamoured with them because she likes how they taste.  And how does she know how they taste if I don’t feed them to her?  (No Beloved doesn’t give them to her either.)  you see dear fends, I have a neighbor who adores birds.  Adores them so much he leaves peanuts out for them.

The amount  of peanuts left out on a daily basis is mind-boggling to me.  Naturally the birds take the peanuts, but they don’t eat all of them.  They drop some.  And those dropped peanut so are a siren song to the four-footed one,or at least her nose.

Not only are the birds fed, but the squirrels have discovered the peanuts.  And they have set up a highway of squirrel runs from various trees and such.  Like the birds, they too drop some peanut.  And the four-footed one happily munches on those if she is allowed.

She has also learned that if the squirrels have peanuts and she chases them, they tend to drop their treasures.  And that’s her idea of fast food, or at least a snack.  The whole thing has left me, well, feeling a little nuts trying to keep the dog away from the peanuts.



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