Sweet Peace

The door closed with a soft snick, letting the sounds remain outside.  As peace descended again  in the house, I realized how large silence can be.  How it can fill a room with a comfortable blanket.  How it can wrap itself around you and weave itself into all the spaces.

I also realized just how noisy it was outside between the neighbor cutting wood and his wife running a leaf blower.  Oh and let us not forget the toddler screeching happily in time with the chain saw and the leaf blower.  It was all a bit much.

Unfortunately, closing the door meant closing out the sunlight too.  But there was no way to keep the sun and not have the noise around.  And after an hour of noise, which truly seemed like forever, we had enough.  So we closed the door, let the silence settle down peacefully around us and decided to ignore how dark it was now.

Instead we enjoyed the peace.  We sat there, book in hand for one of us, head on paws for the other of one of us, just enjoying the sound of nothing while our ears relaxed.  Until a bird decided to tease us, then one of us barked.  And the silence was broken.  Probably for good.


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