Awkward Pretzel Moments

A massage, I was assured would be just thing to ease pain from cramped muscles.  Cramped muscles that had given up being cramped, and now just hurt.  A light massage, with stretching.  Thinking a mild form of Thai massage.

With medical blessing I gave it a go.  Mostly out of curiosity.  Except the small lady who was to do my massage told me that mild wouldn’t solve the problem.  Oh no, much stretching and pushing would be required to get rid of the “badness” she said with a confident nod. Not really sure if this was a good idea, I decided since I was already there I should give it a go.

I was stretched, kneaded, twisted and turned.  I was chopped and pushed until I no longer knew what was happening.  Thumbs, elbows, for all I know knees, were pushed against painful areas on my body.  Rest assured the pushing was painful.

The twisting left me feeling like an awkward pretzel. The kneading left me feeling as though I had been pummelled by an angry army of children,  for all I know feet may have been used.

And now hours later, hours after the torture, some of the tightness and pain from cramps has faded.  Did the tiny lady with all that strength manage to do the unthinkable?  Or did she inflict just enough pain to take my mind off the other pain?  Who knows.  For now, I will just keep checking for bruises.


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