The Great Kibble Incident, or My Dog Is A Vaccum Cleaner On Legs

The four-footed one must have thought she won the lottery this morning when her kibble container got knocked over.  Not so much because the container was knocked over as much as the fact that once it fell, the lid popped off.  Kibble rained freely in the room.  Kibbles everywhere!

The four-footed one decided that she needed to act fast.  She’s not foolish and free kibble would be a limited time offer to be sure.  So she did her best impression of a vacuum cleaner!  A vacuum cleaner on fast legs.

While she did her part to clean up the kibble mess, I was trying to capture the wayward kibble and get it back in the container.  I wasn’t as effective as her because hands aren’t the same as vacuums cleaners. Especially not stiff, sore hands that had this morning thanks to lupus.

The four-footed one ate so fast, gulping as much as she could at once that she ended up burping a log time after she was done eating.  Loud belching noises erupted from her tiny frame and dare I say she seemed rather pleased with herself.  As for me, I wouldn’t say I was pleased at all with the kibble loss, nor the belching.  Mostly I wasn’t pleased with myself and how lupus can take an ordinary moment into a reminder of the changes in my life.


3 thoughts on “The Great Kibble Incident, or My Dog Is A Vaccum Cleaner On Legs

  1. I love this. It reminded me of a similar Lupus episode I wrote about last year. It encouraged me to read about yours today. Perhaps this would help you, too?

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