Inside Of Us

Somewhere in the library sits a picture of Beloved from when he was a young boy, around 8 or so. A smattering of freckles adorns his cheeks and hope radiates out of his clear eyes. There is barely a hint of the man he would become in that picture.

After a bright, sunshine filled day when he has failed to apply sunscreen those freckles are faintly visible. Just there if you know where to look from them before they fade away after a day or two. The hope that is visible in his eyes these days is different. It still radiates from them, but it’s a different hoe. One that is more confident, a bit more weary and just a tad less bright.

Now and then there is just a faint hint of the boy from that picture. As things change it gets a little harder to see that boy in the man he has become, but somewhere deep down that child still resides within him. That child who has hope and a quick smile because he is secure in a much smaller world occasionally peers at me from a veil of age and jaded cynicism.

I suspect the same can be said for me, the shy little girl peers back now and then, careful to not be seen if she can help. The thing is if you were to ask us, we still feel like those young children we once were now and then. I hope we never fully lose touch with those youngster as we continue to be jaded, cynical and such from all that life gives and takes from us.


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