Chase It

The four-footed one has a new game.  It’s called chase.  Throughout the house. Non-stop.  She discovered this little bit of fun when I took away her favourite towel.  It needed to be washed.  I assume she thought her towel was never coming back again.

When I took her towel to the washing machine she chased after me.  After I put the towel in the washing machine and started it up, I headed to another area in the house.  She chased after me.  As if to say “hey about my towel?  I think it’s drowning”.

As I carried on with other tasks she chased after me.  When I out her towel into the clothes dryer she chased me and jumped, as if to grab her towel before it went into the dryer.

I cleaned out and rearranged her dog bed as best I could while being chased by the determined four-footed one.  She chased me to get her towel out of the dryer.  And then chased me to where the towel needed to be put on the floor.

You’d think we would be done this game of chase, but I picked up her toys to out them away and this just resulted in more chase.  Now she is flopped comfortably on her bed and you’d never know I tried to do anything about this house today.


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