I’m A Horrible Person

It appears I have been gifted with the award of being the most horrible person in a friend’s life.  I had no idea I was up for this award, so it goes to show things can happen despite your lack of attention.  And evidently it is my very lack of attention which makes me the winner this go around.

I have a fair amount of things going on in my life, some by choice and some by anything but my choice.  This means that sometimes I fail to check all my various contacts on an hourly basis.  Frankly it may be a daily or weekly basis even. At any rate this friend assumed I’d be checking in with him on an hourly basis.  Which I wasn’t because I was in the middle of a health crisis requiring a stay in the hospital.

So I missed a message from my friend saying his mother had died and he wanted to me call him, ASAP.  I missed this message for oh I don’t know a week and a half.  When I got his message, his phone was going straight to voicemail.  I left a message and sent him a message expressing my condolences and explaining why I hadn’t been in touch when it happened.

He informed me that a horrible person.  A truly horrible person for not being there for him.  So yes I wasn’t there, and it sucks, but I kind of had a legitimate reason. I was in the hospital with no means to contact him.  😦


2 thoughts on “I’m A Horrible Person

  1. I think he would understand but just going through the grieving process with the loss of his mom, he took his anger out on you. Unless later you find out that he was is pissed at you for that, then fuck him. You don’t need someone that selfish in your life. You have to take care of yourself first before tending to another’s needs.

    • I thought it was just the process of grief and how anger can spill over in places you wouldn’t expect. Alas he is well and truly angry that I wasn’t there for him regardless of the reason. And yes you do have to look after yourself before you help anyone else. Plus you know life in general isn’t always a bed of roses.

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