Lessons, Never Ending Learning

Education, they said, was the key. Always take advantage of every educational opportunity that comes your way I was told. And so I did. To that I end every opportunity to go back to school, to attend seminars and lectures was seized with both hands. Informal opportunities were consumed with glut and greed.

And then, well then there was a slowdown thanks to lupus. A forced slowdown mind you. I tried to push through it, my normally good grades paid a price and so did my body. I tried to ignore it, I tried to pretend. But lupus persisted.

But lupus decided to provide me with a different opportunity. Still a chance to learn something, only now a chance to apply more biology and medical terminology in the most personal way. There was no escaping this learning, try as I might. I was a captive student and I would get the same lesson over and over again until I learnt it. (There are some I still haven’t been able to fully learn, such as resting when I feel the disease becoming more active.)

I’m pretty sure I have a medical degree’s worth of education from lupus, if I were to want a specialty in the illness, but medicine never appealed to me. Instead I chased more ethereal things and dabbled happily in the world of theoretical beliefs, ideas and constructs. But lupus persisted to educate me.

When I proclaimed loudly that I did not need math, lupus showed me how much I needed math to manage my medications and such. When I protested at the tedious need for detailed and accurate recordings, lupus smiled and forced me to keep even the smallest of details recorded.

And I guess in a way they were right, education is the key. You need to have knowledge in order to make informed decisions, even if we are talking about lupus


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