The Lady Does Protest

The four-footed is protesting. Not a full-out riot of one mind you. Just a well-versed protest. It started with her ignoring me whenever I called her. It then escalated to a full-on strike of sorts.

She decided she is not interested in her food anymore. It isn’t a case of not being hungry, or being on a hunger strike. Rather it’s just a case of she doesn’t like her food. At all. Probably because she got a taste of what we eat. Accidentally of course.

You see we had a lovely meal with rice. The problem with rice is that sometimes it doesn’t like to stay on my eating utensil. Sometimes when the rice falls off my utensil, it lands back on the plate. Other times it hits the tables. And then there are times I find myself wearing the stuff that has fallen so of course you know it also hits the floor.

And the floor is the four-footed one’s domain. She’s fast and determined and nothing hits her domain without her inspecting it. And by inspecting, I mean sticking it in her mouth. And eating it if it has a food value to it. So I suspect that this is where she got a taste for something other than her dogfood and decided that protesting would be the way to ensure she got more of what she wanted and less of her usual every day food. She’s probably bored by it to be honest.

I can’t blame her for being bored, she eats the same thing most times so a taste of something new is no doubt exotic. And once you taste it once you can’t help but want more if it! I get it. Except this type of a protest, especially the ignoring me, isn’t the way to go. Snuggling up to me and giving me affection with loads of tail wags will probably work better. Although she does that puppy dog eye thing so well. You know, the big sad eyes pleading for just a taste. Yeah that face. But it’s for her own good, only what’s for your own good doesn’t always taste good.


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