They Did It Again

Play music they said. It will help you concentrate they promised. It’s great for recall they raved. Folks, they lied. They lied about it helping me concentrate on the material I was writing, unless I was supposed to be writing about the music, which I wasn’t. It did not help me recall facts or dates either, just songs I had heard.

Whoever this they are, this all-knowing authority clearly does not know everything. Or they have decided to advise me down the wrong path. On purpose. Except I do not get to provide my students with the lyrics to the song I was listening to rather than the facts or dates. I promise the final exam will not reflect my musical tastes, nor will there be any questions about specific lyrics. I don’t teach Lit, otherwise I might have been able to make that work.

So if you need to know the words to Blame It On Me, I might be able to help you, but if you need specific dates about when certain documents were discovered, you better look elsewhere. At least for now, until the little trick that they suggested I use empties out of my head. It shouldn’t take too long, just until the song becomes annoying or what have you.


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