Something For The Birds

Homicide was in the air this morning. A corpse was across the sidewalk during my morning walk. A most vicious death based on the hack marks found along the body’s trunk. I remember thinking, as I walked past the dead victim, someone clearly does not know how to use an axe properly. The four-footed one was not interested in the remains, so we simply walked past it as if the crime had never existed.

Except a crime had happened and try as I might, I couldn’t stop myself from looking over into the area where we had stumbled across the horror. Plus, the gaping hole in the ground basically called attention to the fact that something was amiss. Or rather something was missing. A huge, old stately tree had once claimed the spot where now only a hole remained.

Being that it was daylight, people were out and about so we wandered near the hole and talked to the home owner who had once been graced by the presence of the now absent tree. The home owner told me his son had agreed to “chop” the tree down. And in doing so made a huge mess of things including breaking a chain saw and cutting himself with an axe. All to bring down a tree so that his son might have a place to park another car.

The home owner said the professional who finally came and finished the hack of a job his son had started placed the tree around a hundred years old. A hundred years of living in silent observation suddenly cut off because someone wants to park his car closer to the house. Seems like a crime to me, but the home owner wasn’t too upset about it. Said with the tree gone he’d have more light in his house.

The four-footed one, by this time, was tired of playing with the chips of wood scattered about, so we headed home again. In a few hours only, the hole would be leftt as mute testimony to the life that once stood there. In a few weeks, once the hole is filled and tamped down, there will be no sign that the tree was once there. I hope someone lets the birds know


2 thoughts on “Something For The Birds

  1. You and I think the same in that area. It makes me sad when they trim the trees and cut off the branches. 😞 The place I live cut off a bunch of its branches on its trees around here last fall. Now there isn’t as much shade.

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