In A Million Years, I Wouldn’t Trade It

I never, in a million years, thought I’d consider spending a chilly, windy day filled with sunshine spent on a patio as a day well sent.  Of course there was also a time when I never thought I’d be this old.  Of course I also never considered I would be chronically ill or having to chase new dreams.

And yet today I spent sitting on a lovely patio, surrounded by beautiful red flowers, the four-footed one on my lap with a delicious coffee in my hand.  Beloved sat across from me, each of us with books to read when the feeling moved us.  The four-footed one was content to rest on my lap, shielded from the wind.  It was because of her that we were sitting outside rather than inside to begin with.

There was a time when I would have said I wasting my time, sitting there with a book and the dog.  That was before I learned to enjoy the simple things and to not need to fill every waking moment with an activity.  Part of this comes from maturing (okay I’ve not matured that much that I’m unable to giggle at double entendres), part of this comes from the four-footed one and part of this comes from lupus.

While I have strong feelings about lupus and can tick off many negative things it’s brought to my life, I can also find the blessings it has brought me.  Such as just sitting and reading can be a wonderful experience.  Enjoying the simple, mundane things is not boring, but extremely pleasurable.  Especially when you are spending time with people you care about.  So sure I never thought I’d enjoy spending my time this way,  it that’s because I never tried it before.


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