Slogging Through The Mud

There are days when even the simplest of things seem like rocket science to me.  I’ve never studied rocket science, not so much because it  seemed to challengingly. Although I admit it is not something that would come naturally to me.  My mind doesn’t gravitate towards numbers as much as it does words.

Anyhow, now that this is out in the open, back to our regularly scheduled discussion.  Okay a monologue because really it’s only me talking here unless you leave a comment.  But again I digress.

One of the added benefits that can come with lupus is someone called brain fog.  It’s a nice way and a somewhat easy explanation of how lupus can affect the mind.  I’m not talking about an attack to the organ itself in the same sense as it does my kidneys.  Instead what it does in the case of brain fog is it makes it hard to process thoughts or recall things.

To paint the picture for you, imagine that you have to do everything while working through thick, sticky mud.  It slows you down.  It makes carrying out tasks harder than they normally would be.  And it can hide things that you once could easily see.  Drop something in that mud and you might have a very hard time finding it again.

Today was one of those days.  It meant that the stir fry I meant to make became something I cannot describe.  Tender crisp veggies became soggy, over seasoned veggies.  I cannot explain how the rice became sticky, but it did.  Thankfully Beloved is game for any adventure and so he bravely tried the food before proclaiming it edible.  He also suggested next time I find myself deep in the mud, I just leave the food to someone else, either him or take out!


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