Advanced Warnings And Whether To Heed Or Not To Heed

We got caught in squall today, the four-footed one and I.  The most update weather person was unable to warn us about a sudden storm from out of nowhere and thus when the dark clouds suddenly formed we weren’t prepared.  We weren’t prepared for the cool wind that whipped this squall into our lives.  We had no idea how long or hard the downpour would be, nor how cold it was.

We were soaked through and brought, the two of us as we made our way back home.  And cold.  The four-footed one was shivering so I dried her off and got myself sorted out in quick order.

We spent the next few hours cuddled up with a light blanket to stay warm.  The four-footed one cuddled up and fell asleep warm against my body.  I tried to ignore the increased aching in my joints and instead focus on resting.  Alas the ache was to great, but the soft warm body to cute to disturb and so I just stayed where I was and reminded myself that nothing is without give and take.  And not everything will provide us with ample warning.  I also reminded myself even with ample warning I might still have not been prepared for the squall.

Sure ive had increased pain, but I’m not always able to pinpoint the reason for the increased pain.  That’s right, even after all these years of dancing with lupus, I still stumble with a misstep.  I still misread the cues now and then.


2 thoughts on “Advanced Warnings And Whether To Heed Or Not To Heed

  1. Lupus does a good job of keeping us on our toes!

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