Sampling Nature The Four-Footed Way

My four-footed companion has a taste for berries.  This time of year it happens to be raspberries.  Earlier she was all about the strawberries.  She will also eat blueberries a d blackberries with much joy.  Mind you this is the same companion that happily consumes cherries, apples, watermelon and honeydew.  Now before you get upset, she only get the  tiniest of portions if any from me.

The problem lies at the end of the neighbor’s garden.  This is where the berries grow and where the cherries fell off the tree.  Not that she goes into the garden, but some tasty morsels of delicious fruit always are outside the fence.  And it is outside the fence that she samples on these delicious bits.

I had no clue she knew how to pick a berry or knowing how to pick a ripe one while leaving unripe ones to ripen up.  I certainly never taught her so I shall assume it is in her nature.  And since dogs aren’t pure carnivores it makes sense.

She also only takes two berries a day, never more and never less.  And since the raspberries are towards the end of their season with apples now starting to fall from the tree I’m sure this is what she will try to sample next.  Will she know enough not to eat the seeds or will she at least swallow them whole?

While we can learn a great deal through experimentation, this is not an area I am for this practice.  Much like I’m sure I did as a child, the four-footed one bristles at my efforts to prevent her from harm.  For now she is safe and satisfied with raspberries.


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