Happy Feet Of Sorts

It was suggested, nay let’s be clear here, it was ordered that I get a massage due to continual cramping in my feet. My rheumatologist  ordered it while I was visiting him.  It isn’t something I asked for because I’m a little weird about my feet.

The last foot massage I experienced was an authentic Chinese foot massage and that pretty much sealed the deal for me.  My feet were made off-limits, I know this for a fact as I am the one who decreed it.

So there I am, suddenly faced with an ordered foot massage after I had mentioned in passing that I’ve been having cramps in both my feet, toes and into the arches.  What I was hoping for by confessing this issue to my specialists I am not sure.  I can however say with complete certainty that I had never even considered anyone touching my feet.

Land here’s the thing, my doctor knows me well enough that when he ordered the massage, he ordered it immediately, in his office.  No escape now.  Thankfully the massage therapist listened to my explanation of my foot cramps and said he didn’t think a foot massage would do a thing for me.

Just when I relaxed and thought all was safe, the man started rubbing my calf.  I just about hit the ceiling from both surprise and pain.  He explained the foot pain was due to tight calves.  And then proceeded to torment both of my calves to the point that I was positive I would never walk again.  A few hours post massage my feet feel better, as do my calves, which I had no idea was bothering me in the first place.


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