Guard Dog

The four-footed one has been watching a cat closely now for weeks.  The cat is someone’s pet given the collar it wears.  It also seems to be able to roam freely throughout the neighbourhood.  Cleary its owners know it wants to go after birds and thus it wears a loud bell on its collar.

The four-footed is fascinated by this all.  Well in all fairness I suspect what she finds fascinating is the freedom is cat has for it is not attached to a leash.  Oh no, this cat is under someone else’s authority.  This cat is a cat of the world, or at least neighbourhood.

This morning when the cat came by she did her usual growl and bark.  After that she settled down to watch the cat carry on doing whatever it is that cats do.  She didn’t make a sound as she watched the cat, which seemed to be studying a young bird.  When the bird landed near the cat, the four-footed one started barking her head off.  It was as if she was warning the bird about the cat, which was sitting quietly and waiting.

The bird flew off and I swear the cat glared at the very window when my four-footed companion was.  I wonder when and if the cat will realize even if no dog barks, it isn’t getting a bird, not with a loud bell on it.  A loud bell that rings with the slightest movement of the cat.


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