Tight Laced

Someone was showing me how spies used to communicate with each other by how they laced their shoes.  It was thought to be a subtle form of communication because how many people would look at how another person laced up his shoes.  Well unless you happened to be an agent, than you might check another agent’s shoes as a form of communication.

I clearly never would have been able to be a spy.  I mean I have issues getting my laces even when I’m lacing my shoes.  I have no clue how I could do the intricate designs required for communication.  With my luck I’d end up accidentally communicating the wrong thing.  They’d probably strangle me with my shoelaces, or perhaps lash me with them.

Lets not even discuss the fact that stealthy is not my middle name.  Not by a long shot.  I may be related to Captain Obvious based on my inability to manage subtly and such.  Basically I’d be the agent who would be wearing a sign announcing who I was, who I was meeting and why.  Knowing me I’d probably be on loud-speaker will communicating with my fellow spy.

It’s probably for the best that I never wanted to be a spy, or learn all the cool ways to lace my shoes.  I’d be wrapped up in my laces with no way to set myself free or let  anyone know what happened!


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