Airplane Watch

Beloved is a few thousand miles away now.  He may even be a few thousand miles in the air judging by a quick glance at the clock.  And now that he’s gone I will find myself watching airplanes.  I ways do when he’s gone one a long trip all the way across the world.  I have no clue why, logically I know he isn’t on any of the planes flying over my head…but still I do it.

So for a change of plans, the four-footed one and I took a drive out into the country.  We had already gone for a few walks around the house and watched the airplanes fly past the house.  Out in the country we didn’t notice as many airplanes.  Just horses and cows with a small handful of goats.  I think the four-footed got worn ht watching horses run and goats eat.  The cows seemed to want to rest on the ground.

When we getting wiped off (well she was getting wiped off to go in the car and I was the one doing th wiping) a flock of birds went over head.  The country-footed one watched them until they went out of sight.  For the rest of the ride home ever time she saw a bird she would watch it until it was out of her sight.  I guess it’s not much different from watching airplanes and probably is a great deal more entertaining.


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