When The Shoe Fits

I hate shoe shopping, I consider it a necessary evil in life.  Sure some people have walked barefoot enough that the bottom of their feet are kind of the soles of some, shoes.  I happen not to be that kind of person.

So I bought some shoes.  Shoes which should be comfortable and require no breaking in.  I know this because I’ve had these types of shoes before.  Evidently what happened before is not necessarily the rules we operate on today.  You see I wore my nice shoes today and promptly gave myself some charming blisters.  The kind of blisters that have wept and bleed and make walking a rather interesting endeavour now.

I know, I have no one to blame it myself.  I shouldn’t have assumed that shoes would be comfortable enough.  Just because the same type of shoes were kind to me before doesn’t mean they always will be.  So my blisters are yet another lesson or reminder in the dangers of making assumptions.  Because evidently I have not grasped the dangers of making assumptions and acting upon those assumptions.  Or rather I get the concept, however I believe it can’t happen to me.  Until it does and then I want to moan and complain, but about what?  My own decisions?  That seems rather silly to do.  So I will simply tend to my blisters and reassess my feelings around shoe shopping.


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