Burning To The Ground

Beloved attended a series of talks about the ecology, climate and end of times.  He said it was all rather depressing, full of scare monger techniques and lacking in facts.  Not that he felt that way about all of the talks, but he found most to be a rehash of the same information with very little new substance or theory to add.

There was one talk that stood out for him though, it was presented by a woman who unlike he fellow speakers did not have PhDs or work in the sciences.  This woman as, of all things, into self-sustaining farming and fishing.  She felt that with all the increased fire activity world-wide the past five years it was time for people to realize the world was burning to the ground.

Her talk was one of climate change in terms of wild fires and hard to put out fires.  She talked about the lack of water to not only fight fires but also quench the parched earth.  She talked about an uneven movement in land manageme t  one that went from no such thing to being too well-managed and back to too much nature.  She talked about ever since humans have been on earth they have done nothing except speed up the burn rate.  She had very little data, just some loose examples she tried to weave together.  She also refused to take any questions, insisting instead that she was here to spread the message of woe.

The only glimmer of hope she offered was for people to get back into a self-sustaining lifestyle which forced one to become in tune with the earth’s issues.  Beloved told me that no matter what he did to try and attract her attention she ignored him during the talk.  Afterward, when she was no longer the sage on the stage, he was able to catch up with her and she was open to a few questions.  Not many mind you.  But she did believe we had it within us to get the streams and rivers back to a healthy state so we could fish out of them again.  The ocean however she felt was too far gone to be healed.  As for self-sustaining farming, she believes in planting seeds that will provide a crop that was hardly and had decent yield without requiring a lot of water.  The crop, she told Beloved, would have to be nutrient rich and attract bees etc.  Her idea of self-sustaining farming was one where she farmed from crops and hunted and fished to supplement the diet.  She wouldn’t share specifics with Beloved, claiming that the scorched earth or burning to the ground deal was a test, a case of survival of the fittest.  She planned on surviving and needed to know that the others who served would bring other important items to the table.

Beloved told me that of the world is burning to the ground, he can’t see much sense in trying to live through all the heat and scorching.  He also suggested that the ideal thing to do would have a nice bbq type party letting the heat of the burning earth cook the food. Hopefully after a nice relaxing meal we’d just fall asleep and never wake up to a crispy earth, one which required us to figure out how to fish and farm in what was left of the ground.

He also wondered how she had gotten onto the panel to do some of the talks, but when it comes to burning topics, it takes all kinds to show the different view


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