You Might Well Think Beloved Got Lost

With a sigh, perhaps one of satisfaction or perhaps one born of the realization that with the book done he’d have to get up, Beloved closed the book he had been savouring.  He loves to read the classics, this time he had just finished Frankenstein again.

As he ambled by me to get a fresh tea and consider what book to read next he offered up his theory that modern medicine was an awful lot like Frankenstein.  When he returned t the room I was in, he carried on with his idea that they can use both animal and mechanical bits to keep people alive so in a way monsters have been created, at least in some sense n his mind they have been.

Id never considered it much before, but sure we had the Bionic Man and woman.  You might think it is just a marvel of modern medicine.  You might think it’s just the way things are these days.  And maybe you don’t give it much thought at all, which is also fine.

I guess to some people we are playing a bit of a god-like role in deciding who lives because of modern medicine.  I guess some people might think that is a bit of monstrosity.  The fact is, I haven’t given it much thought, it is simply something that is there.  I know countless people with knee replacements, others with artificial limbs and I’ve met a man who could see after being blind.

Marvels of modern medicine indeed or the continual quest to understand how things work.  The fact is I don’t give any of it all that much thought, I simply move along with the flow until there is some sort of opening that I push through.  If it means i ignore the Frankenstein in my very presence, or worse can’t see it when it gazes back at me in the mirror, well I’m sure I’m not alone.

I have a feeling that soon we will be discussing how it can be the best of times while it is the worst of times because the book Beloved brought back to read is A Tale Of Two Cities.  I can already hear the clicking of those knitting needles…


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