Score: Me One, Lupus Zero

Today the four-footed one and I went for a small walk before the day got too long and I ran out of energy.  Rest assured this was a very small walk because my energy levels were very small.  Thankfully the four-footed one was fine with a small walk, frankly she enjoyed the slow pace which afforded her more time to sniff around.  She even managed to pounce on several unsuspecting moths.

Why do I tell you about today’s walk when nothing overly eventful happened?  Because dear friends the walk happened to be something I had planned to do.  I planned it the night before, well okay maybe not the whole pouncing on moth part, but the small walk early in the morning part was all my planning.

Now I realize to some of you, to most people in fact, this isn’t anything to brag about.  I realize some of you plan things much larger than a small walk.  Some of you plan careers, long vacations and all sorts of wonderful things.  Not only do you folks plan these things, you execute the plans.  So yes dear friends, I get this isn’t that big of a thing to you.  But I ask you, dear readers, how many of you have lupus?

Ah see, there’s the rub, I have lupus and that makes executing plans a bit of a juggling act.  I often make plans only to discover I lack the energy or ability to execute the plans so whenever things go as I planned I celebrate.  Even if it is a celebration because the four-footed one and I went for a small walk early in the morning, exactly as I had planned.  Score one for me and zero for lupus this time!


One thought on “Score: Me One, Lupus Zero

  1. You don’t have to be worried about not following through your plans. It’s a feat that no one can possibly accomplish~

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